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“Igor, How Does This Free Discovery Session Work?”

Discovery session is about 25-35 minutes long and it helps you and I achieve 3 important objectives.

First, very quickly it helps me find out if you’d be a great student who is motivated, open minded, diligent and easy to work with. To figure this out, you’ll just answer a couple of questions about your current situation, your goals (personal and professional) and your previous online experience.

Second, it helps you find out if what I got going on is a good fit for you. You’ll be able to ask questions about my coaching program to understand whether or not you’d like to commit to my method for the next 90 days.

Third, if it’s a fit for you and me, and only if you’re excited to work together, you’ll find out more about how to get started with my coaching program. If, however, for any reason, you’re not excited to work together, we’ll just part ways united in mutual respect.

What Do I Look For in a Student?

If you’re a drama queen with an entitlement attitude or if you’re looking for a Hail Mary Jackpot to save you from bankruptcy by this time next week, we won’t get along. I suggest you sink your teeth into another shiny object.

If, however, you’re an open-minded hard-working person who just hadn’t found the right system yet, I am pretty sure I can help you escape information overload, get you off the shiny object wagon and help you build a wildly profitable email list without losing money like I did for my many successful clients...

No Commitment. No Pressure.

Remember, neither you nor I are committing to anything by scheduling time to talk. Both of us reserve the right to reject the opportunity of working together. I reserve the right to reject your candidacy if I don’t feel if I can help you or if I don’t feel you’ll be easy to work with. You have the right to reject me as a potential guide and mentor into the confusing world of online marketing for any personal or professional reason of your own. No commitment. No pressure.


Caution! Be Aware Of Potential Side Effect

While not every person who applies gets accepted into my mentoring program, almost everyone we talk to reports increased sense of clarity about who they are and where they’re going. In turn this improves their ability to focus on what’s important and stay motivated for weeks. Expect a similar side effect when you apply for your free discovery session.

No Matter The Outcome Of The Session - You Win!

I’m committed to improving my clients’ lives no matter whether or not they become private mentoring clients. I promise to leave you better off than when I met you, no matter the outcome of the discovery session. Just for taking the time to talk to my team, I’m ethically bribing you with a never-before-released case study showing the 3-step email marketing campaign I use to run 6-figure affiliate promotions on a weekly basis. It’s yours no strings attached, whether you and I work together or not. Just my way of saying thanks for taking the time to talk.

Hurry, Because Slots Are Strictly Limited

Unlike gurus who lie through their teeth when they claim they live the 4-hour week while secretly hustling 80 hours a week, I work only 6 hours a day 5 days a week. Aside from my online business, the lion’s share of my time goes into being a full-time stay at home dad. This leaves only so many hours in my work week to take on any client work.

If you’d like to get on my shortlist, please hurry to submit your application now. I don’t know what my limit is, but once I hit it, I will stop accepting new students for a while.


"Igor has achieved the highest conversion rate out of any person who has ever promoted our program. He is truly a phenomenal list-builder."

Anthony Morrison
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Ron Douglas
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Paulo Barroso

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